Why a laboratory at our mill?

"Because we believe that quality matters!"

Although we're just a small town mill, we started investing in our own laboratory equipment since 2023 to better safeguard the quality of the products that come in to our mill and the ones going out..

At the moment we can directly test all incoming products for hectoliter-weight (grain) en and moisture content (grain, flour) and quality parameters such as smell and flavor. Next to these main parameters we can check on Aflatoxin B1, one of the mycotoxins that's harmfull to humans.
We can also rely on the laboratories of the other miller-members of the Molenaars 2000 vzw branch organization for more thorough analyses.

All data is registered so we can trace the journey of all our flour-products from the field to the bakery.

If you would like a full analysis (Falling Number, Zeleny, P/L, ..) from one of our flours, don't hesitate to ask!

Click on the link (excel) below to check our most recent analyses/reports :