We at the Artemeersmolen windmill have our own philosophy on what it means to be a 'fair producer'..

"Fair pricing for everyone: from Farm 'till Fork"

Those aren't empty words. We think that our farmers deserve an honest price for their labour!
Mostly wheat prices are based on the, so called, 'competitive pricing' method. We don't believe this system is fair.
We pay the price that is made in consultation with the farmer.

The purchasing policy of our mill is based on mutual trust and mutual respect for the farmers, bakkers and miller. We don't believe in contractual collaboration to try to tie down our customers financially. We believe in a cooperative between people!

Our prices aren't comparible with those of the big flour mills. As a small mill we can't compete their low cost production methods. So, our mill aims for craftsmanship, quality and good service to supply artisan bakeries with high-quality flours.

To provide the artisan baker with a full range of mill products we work together wit the following local farmers and millers:

* Bioboerderij Vandersmissen, Halle (B) (spelt)
* Bousagro-PHAE, Hansbeke (B) (rye, wheat)
* Coöperatieve Bioboerderijen Farm-For-Good , Havelange (B) (wheat)
* Bioboerderij 't Kleinhof, Vechmaal (B) (wheat, spelt, rye)
* Bioboerderij Natlandhoeve, Sint-Truiden (B) (spelt, wheat)
* Poldergraan Graanhandel, Biddinghuizen (NL) (wheat, rye)
* BD-Graan, Middenmeer (NL) (oat, barley, rice, mais, ..)
* Commandeursmolen, Mechelen (NL) (khorasan/kamut, einkorn, emmer, ..)
* Molens Nova, Frasnes (B) (milling on contract, bakery products)
* DO-IT ORGANICS, Barneveld (NL) (quinoa, millet, buckwheat, all sorts of bakery products)




coöp 'Farm For Good'


't kleinhof


Project Hansbeke Agro-Ecologie