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The Artemeersmolen windmill is a fully operational mill, working for hobby and professional bakers. It produces an annual 250 tons of authentic certified organic flour and other bakery products.
Our mill is a professionally run windmill under the trade name FLOURPOWER BV and unique in the province of East-Flanders.

Most of the organic grain we mill is locally grown in Belgium. All whole meal flours and white flours are stone milled on French Burr millstones, mainly by wind power.
We believe that good flour is a natural wonder on its own. So, no extra additives such as flour treatment agents or preservatives here!
All by-products from flour production are (re)used at our own mill in the (multi grain) bread-mixes. This way we try to make a circulair food production process in which no good quality food is lost.

In 2023/2024 the mill will also be capable of producing green electricity from wind. We will use this for powering our own milling equipment. Totally CO2-neutral and outstandingly local in origin.

We dare to say that for quality and outstanding service our mill is the best place to be!



All our bakery products are certified organic through CERTISYS.
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On all packages you can find the name of the farmer that supplied the grain.



Our mill's philosophy in one sentence: Working together with farmers and bakers for fair pricing.



We are a member of the MOLENAARS 2000 VZW millers group to safeguard the best possible quality of bakery products.